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Bleeding Crucifix of Padre Domenico da Cese, Capuchin

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Seen here on October 18, 1941, the Servant of God Padre Domenico da Cese's crucifix - while praying the rosary in front of others it began to bleed. Padre Domenico stated: "I took in my hand the crucifix of my rosary. While I was praying the rosary, from all the holy wounds of the cross came out warm and bright red blood. The blood of the Crucified poured out of the side and of the whole chest and also of the crown of thorns, forming drops. Watching them, we were moved to tears and we cried. This happened at 5 in the afternoon on the 18th of October 1941. Signed P. Domenico, Capuchin." This crucifix is currently kept in the archives of the Capuchin Fathers in Manoppello, Italy.

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