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Novena to the Most Holy Face of Jesus - Day 8

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

Holy Mary show us Jesus, Your Son, Our Lord and God. That will be sufficient for us.


"Most holy and endearing face of our Lord JESUS, with perpetual adoration we want to offer You with this Novena a wreath of reverence and our piety. May it be pleasing to You. Inflame our hearts with Your love and sanctify our souls, that our asking will be pleasing to You. We thank You, because we know You hear our prayers. Amen.

Our Father...

Most Holy Face of Jesus Christ, our Lord, let us love You ever more!"

Photo by: Paul Badde.

"We pray to You, Holy Face of our Lord JESUS. On the torturous path to Golgotha (Calvary), You were covered by our ungodliness with dust and mud. We cry out thinking of the unbelievable mortification that You had to bear. To somehow make up, Oh Lord, we dedicate not hundreds, but thousands of sufferings to You. We consecrate our lives and pay You homage. We see Your tortured and stricken face. Yet, we dare to ask You to show Yourself to us in a serene and radiant way. Please remove the darkness of sins from our souls, so we can learn to suffer for You.

Our Father.....

Most Holy Face Jesus Christ, our Lord, let us love You more and more!"

Closing Prayer:

"Tender and merciful Holy Face of JESUS, graciously allow us to pay You homage and show our devotion. Permit us, to honor You truly and lovingly. Freeing us from all that binds us in this life - so that we, after our death - praise You in paradise for all eternity. Amen."

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