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This story which you are about to read has been written by the great-nephew of the Servant of God Padre Domenico da Cese, O.F.M., Capuchin, Lorenzo Petracca. Lorenzo is the grandson of Angelo Petracca the brother of Padre Domenico. It is a great honor that

Lorenzo has agreed to write this story, and hopefully many more will follow in the future. Also, Lorenzo has agreed to personally write all prayer intentions in a notebook which is kept on the tomb of this humble Servant of God in Cese, Italy for all those devotees who will make this request. Thank you Lorenzo, on behalf of all the devotees throughout the world!!!

Picture courtesy of Lorenzo Petracca - dated March18, 1978 in the church located in Cese.

Padre Domenico, original name Emidio Petracca, was born in Cese on March 27, 1905 and many books have been written about him including biographies, collections of testimonies and a documentary about his extraordinary history has even been filmed. His deeds are slowly recounted, not only in Italy; but throughout the world, but he was so humble! One must know, for example, whenever he managed to obtain a grace for some person, or when he performed a prodigious event, Padre Domenico begged the recipient not to mention it, at least not before his death, which took place on September 17, 1978 in Turin, Italy. During his life he was not as well known as Padre Pio, despite the fact that he too was the protagonist of miraculous episodes and received dozens and dozens of faithful every day for the sacrament of confession. The Saint of Pietrelcina, his great friend and teacher of the spiritual life, used to say to the faithful from Abruzzo: "Why you come so far, if you have Padre Domenico?". Both Capuchins had the gift of bilocation, on September 22, 1968, Padre Pio appeared to Padre Domenico in Manoppello, despite the fact that in that moment hundreds of people had seen him with their own eyes in San Giovanni Rotondo. A few days later, on September 26, 1968, Padre Domenico, despite being in Manoppello to confess, was seen at the funeral of his friend in San Giovanni Rotondo. In addition to bilocation, Padre Domenico, just like Saint Pio, had the stigmata: they were closed sores and sometimes they were seen while sometimes they were invisible, they caused severe pain if touched and they caused sufferings which followed the liturgical cycle. The life of this Capuchin was certainly full of sufferings, sufferings that however did not undermine his soul, strong enough to withstand a further test, the vow of victim. Padre Domenico offered himself as a victim to the merciful love of Jesus, he did this, to be of help to weak priests in the face of the temptation of purity. He asked Jesus for the martyrdom of body and spirit, being certain that he would give him the strength to endure all of this. Humility, chastity and obedience, these were the virtues of Padre Domenico and still are! In moments of difficulty for each of us, especially in this pandemic, we can still ask this Capuchin for help, with the certainty that our prayers are always heard. We must be reminded that Padre Domenico has always done everything to satisfy the graces that people asked him and especially now that he is even closer to

Jesus Christ, he does his utmost to ask Jesus to obtain the graces we need. Don't be afraid to ask them, we just need to have faith and hope. Hope, that light that still shines in the eyes of those who believe.

English translation: Lorenzo Petracca, is the oldest of three sons born to Giovanni Petracca the son of Angelo - the brother of Padre Domenico. Lorenzo, the great-nephew of Padre Domenico has a great appreciation and love of the life and deeds of this Servant of God.

Angelo Petracca is pictured fourth from the right, next to Padre Domenico.

The following is the above story as it was written by Lorenzo in Italian:

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