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Updated: Mar 26, 2023

On Saturday, March 26, 2022 at the National Centre for Padre Pio in Barto, Pennsylvania; Tamara Klapatch the Founder and Director for Padre Domenico Da Cese - Volto Santo gave an enlightening presentation on the connection between St. Pio, his friend Padre Domenico da Cese and their connection to the Volto Santo, known as the Resurrection veil of Jesus Christ. This veil has been in the care of the Capuchins in Manoppello, Italy since 1638, after the arrival of this most precious relic in 1506.

Even though this event was by reservation only; no attendees were turned away. A meet and greet prior to the Latin Mass: followed by an introduction by Mr. Nick Gibboni, the Executive Director at the Centre; the presentation, then a question and answer period in which many devotees of Padre Pio were very enthusiastic to learn of this humble yet very holy priest and the Holy Face of Jesus relic. Also, a very special thank you must also be given to Vera Calandra the Vice-President at the National Centre for Padre Pio along with her sisters, Maria and Christina, their nephew Nicholas and Angela the Director of Faith Formation and Evangelization as well as Jackie Hunt; for their support and assistance to make this event so incredibly successful. Several hundred people attended; in addition, the event was live streamed on the National Centre for Padre Pio's Facebook site. Everyone who attended; was welcomed to write their prayer intentions to be placed in the notebook kept on the tomb of Padre Domenico in honor of his birthday on March 27th, either in person or via Facebook: Padre Domenico Da Cese Information and Prayers or

All prayer requests received were sent to Lorenzo Petracca, the great nephew of Padre Domenico whom personally placed the prayer requests in the notebook kept on the tomb of Padre Domenico.

Once again thank you to everyone who attended and who made this event possible! May our Lord through the intercession of Padre Domenico da Cese hear and answer your prayers.

If anyone would care to view this presentation in its entirety, please see Facebook: Padre Domenico Da Cese Information and Prayers, it has been posted to that site.

Anyone wishing to schedule a talk, please write to

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